Envision this:

It’s a year from today. The warm sunshine is relaxing your body as you sip a cool glass of your favourite beverage and your toes play in the sand below your deck chair. As you look around, you realize you’re surrounded by like-minded and hearted individuals. You realize you are living your WHY.  You realize you’ve created the life you are now living and thriving in as a result of the commitment you made just 4 years ago. You realize you’ve influenced many to do the same and this surfaces a huge sense of pride. You realize you feel at ease within and this is the optimum outcome .Your thoughts are light-hearted as you ponder how you will spend the rest of your day to optimize health, strength and simple luxuries. And, then you realize, you’re in no rush and haven’t been in a very long time. The choices you make influence yourself and others to simply enjoy this gift of life.Your sense of financial protection and safety are solid, more solid than you envisioned. This feels like the norm versus the exception (though it didn’t always feel this way). Residual revenue is the norm each week. You’ve followed a proven system and simply created a team of leaders who are doing the same. It was as simple as they said, once you got out of your own way and just followed it. The warm breeze reminds you to take that mid-afternoon walk…


Is this a page out of your ideal day book? Many live this already. Each day, Monday-Sunday… Mixing working from home while experiencing life mastery is not for the rich few. This can be your experience. Do you realize if not now, when? Do you realize it’s time to believe again, to create that which you say you desire?Terrific. Now IS the time.


FIRST, Be Clear Why You Want To Build A Part-Time Business & The Importance of Saving In Gold.


Start With Your Own Contacts.

Create Your List Of Those You Know.

Play A Short Message To Confirm Their

Level Of  Interest & That They Are Serious. 


To Learn More, Direct Them To:

A Live Team Webinar Or To This Page

Or To Your Marketing & Signup Website,

Plus Set A Follow-up Meeting.


At The Follow-up Meeting,

Have A Senior Partner With You

To Answer All Their Questions, Then 

Help Them Get Registered And Get Started.