You do not need to learn all about the 7 different programs shown on the Step-Up site to start earning Bitcoin.  All anyone really needs to know is, 1) how to register (that’s pretty clear), and 2) how to fund each.  Review the comp plan for each as time permits.  Other than that, there is not a lot to learn.  Refer others by sending them to your Step-Up website, have them register for all (or register them yourself) and help those you refer do the same with three others.  Locate 3 who do this and each should follow you into all 7 Step-Up programs.  You do not need to be constantly promoting once you have these 3 Step-Up partners in place.

It’s very simple.  Many are trying to earn extra income just to keep up with the increase in living expenses.  Although there are many options available to them, no one can be certain that what they choose to focus on will be around for 10+ years or just 1.  Also, most opportunities require constant attention and referring in order to keep the income flowing, something many do not have the time, ability or interest to do.  For that reason, the Step-Up Multiple Streams of Income is our focus.  Although there are many other great options, those selected will generate a constant daily payout in Bitcoin and residual income.  

Our Step-Up strategy allows anyone to start with a very small amount and then provide income to Step-Up into additional Streams of Income. 


You introduce someone and pay their initial amount for them (this gets them started REAL fast).  They then pay-it-forward & do the same for three others they introduce.  Obviously the key here is to locate three who will pay it forward for three others.  Doing this will build their team very quickly.  This will mean you make an investment in your business to get your team going ASAP.  I would recommend only doing this with the Noble8 $25 program. 

  • It’s an easy way to earn and “Step-Up” into other Bitcoin Generators.
  • Each opportunity requires little time to monitor and maintain.
  • The income is paid daily.
  • An amount everyone can afford is all that’s required to get involved and begin earning.

I welcome you to join us and…