Our mission as Step-Up team members is to help others create multiple streams of income by earning (not buying) Bitcoin and then converting some of that Bitcoin into cash to diversify even further and exchange it into another money form called Karatpay CASHGOLD.  This is a very stable form of money…gold bullion.

You do not need to learn all about the different programs shown on the Step-Up site to start earning Bitcoin or KaratBank Coins or buying Karatpay CASHGOLD.  All anyone really needs to know is, 1) how to register (that’s pretty clear), 2) how to fund each and 3) how to withdraw.

Review the comp plan for each as time permits.  Refer others by sending them to your Step-Up website, have them register for all (or register them yourself) and help those you refer do the same with three or more others.  Encourage all to follow you into all Step-Up programs.

You do not need to be constantly promoting once you have these Step-Up partners in place, but teach them to follow this simple, duplicatable approach:

Our Step-Up strategy allows anyone to start with a very small amount and then provide income to Step-Up into additional Streams of Income.

  • It’s easy to earn and “Step-Up” into more Bitcoin Generators, then exchange cash for CASHGOLD.
  • Each opportunity requires little time to monitor and maintain.
  • An amount everyone can afford is all that’s required to get involved and begin earning.

I welcome you to join us.