Why Own Gold When You Can Own KaratPAY CASHGOLD (KPC)

KaratPay CASHGOLD provides an online digital & offline physical gold bullion transaction form of exchange.

999.9 gold bullion can be used as a means of exchange and payment in order to pay for goods and services. 

The main advantages are:

  • Cost per KPC (0.1 gram) is very low, a cost that anyone can afford.  Set it on auto purchase.  
  • KPC’s can be transferred online to anyone with a Karatpay account & receive that day’s KPC value.
  • Convert KPC’s back into cash at that day’s sell price with the click of a button for a small 7% fee.
  • Have your KPC’s delivered in physical form to you in the KaratPAY CASHGOLD Bills & Cards.
  • Karatpay Cashgold will be a preferred form of exchange with all K-exchange merchants.

Mikael Judah – (512) 260-7787 – mikaeljudah@icloud.com