Karatpay Cashgold Exchange Rates


A KPC has the value of one KPC.  Try and use other gold as a means of exchange, worldwide, and it’s not going to be possible.  You would need to convert it to cash first and find a gold dealer nearby buy it from you, and be given 25-35% less than that day’s gold value for it.  This may not be possible in the event of a disaster or inability to access your cash or your debit/credit cards do not work, a real possibility. Gold is a great insurance and hedge against this, but KPC’s are without question the very best format to own gold, certainly in the economic climate we now live in.

Offer up a KPC, in physical CASHGOLD bills or online from your KaratPAY APP or account, and that person or K-exchange store will gladly accept it and give you that day’s value for it.  Transfer a KPC to them in seconds…done.  Now they own the gold and can spend it just like you did, or save it or order it up in physical CASHGOLD bills.

Have Karatbars buy back your KaratPay CASHGOLD at that day’s retail price and deposit the proceeds on your Debit Card for a small 7% fee.

So be careful…a KPC is NOT just gold so do not make the uneducated, uninformed mistake of comparing the price of ANY gold in the world to the same amount of gold in a KPC, and deciding the price for the same quantity of gold is the determining factor as to which is better to buy.  It would be like comparing a Smart Car to a Rolls Royce by price and thinking the cheaper one is the best one.

And here’s the best part…ANYONE can save one KPC at a time and never miss it.  Then look back after a period of time and have a great savings in KPC’s and never have changed your lifestyle one bit.