CASHGOLD, now available to everyone, is part of the Karatbars International Gold Shopping, Savings & Exchange Program called the K-Exchange.  Share in the global CASHGOLD pools which will pay you monthly on ALL CASHGOLD SALES WORLDWIDE, FOREVER!

­ Just imagine an Internet black-out, even if for only a short time!

In the event of an Internet black-out would you be prepared?
Understand, your favorite Banks and ATM’s depend on reliable information transferred through IP networks. With all the networks down there would be no information or data available.  This would result in no access to cash for your immediate needs. 
What would happen if you ran out of available cash on hand during such an event?

Karatbars commissioned a study from the BIFID (Berlin Institute of Finance, Innovation and Digitalization) to investigate the effects of a data crisis situation of up to 10 days that limits cash access in Germany.

We want to let you in on all the details of this very interesting commissioned research project. So we set up a unique package which includes not only the study, but also the minimum quantity of CASHGOLD to handle the ‘what if’ scenarios outlined in this study.

You can find more information in our Back Office. Simply login, choose the Product Purchase section, click on Cashgold and choose Freedom Choice.

CASHGOLD Freedom Choice will generate 5 Units in the Dual system per sale and earns points within the Unilevel system!